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Performance marketing is the heartbeat of this personal EKG device brand. Built on conversion tactics, the brand had a solid foundation. But we felt that an exclusively down-funnel strategy was constraining its growth.


KWG diversified the media mix with 2x SPEND IN DIGITAL. 60% of that spend was focused on MID-FUNNEL RECRUITMENT TACTICS. This helped the brand's message reach high-value audiences, fueling demand and growing its first-party database. Using our tools, we hyper-customized the Kardia message to match each audience and KPI creating a deeply personalized experience.         

In addition, we identified opportunities to improve ROAS of the existing conversion tactics. Specifically in DRTV, we diversified the partner list, increased allocation to high performers, expanded the unit mix and implmented a tentpole-based promotion strategy.

Since every action matters in performance marketing, KWG's analytics team picked up the pace on the brand's attribution methodology, moving from a simple correlation with total sales to a more robust and comprehensive monthly read by media form, in partnership with a new attribution partner.


The strategy shift and optimizations resulted in an improved return rate and a lift in brand metrics:                

  • 30% IMPROVEMENT IN OVERALL ROAS vs historical performance.

  • 2x IMPROVED EFFECTIVENESS from social traffic drivers              

  • 5x INCREASED SEARCH LIFT from YouTube campaign    

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